DJLeony is thinking ­that ­ "Butta­ Butta nice ­Rak" by­ DJ Crazy Sc­ott is a SMA­SH HIT!!
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Program Director /MC/DJ
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DJ Leony
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Orlando, FL
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Puerto Rican native, Leonardo Vega "DJ Leony" has been spinning records since the age of 13. Passion for music and determination has propelled Vega to become one the nations most sought after DJ's.

DJ Leony has shared with the public his devouring passion for spinning for over 20 years. Check out DJ Leony's amazing career below, and thestations he has worked with, and for, developing cutting edge musical programming unmatched by the competition.

For years his residency at Universal Studios Latin Quarter (Orlando) allows him to keep his skills sharp while entertaining audiences from all over the world.

In addition to overseeing Promo Only's Latin Division and programming it's Rhythm Club Series, Leony has long topped the list of most in demand DJ/producers. As Promo Only Latin's Program Director, Vega has an outstanding record breaking the hits within the Latin music market. Vega's remixes of Luis Fonsi, David Bisbal, Obie Bermúdez, among others have elevated him to the top ranks of the Latin scene. It is his remix of "Ríe y Llora," by the late Celia Cruz, that earned Vega top honors at the prestigious Winter Music Conference - he track was voted Best Latin Remix by the International Dance Music Association.
~ Central Florida's KQ 103.1 "Mini Mixes"

~ Orlando's "95.3 Party's Mix Factory".

~ Program director for XM Radio Latin Channels,


~ WZLZ 99.1 "Guaya Guaya Mix"

~ Sirius/XM industry's premier Mix Show "Passport 2 Dance"

~ Music Program Director for the nations #1 leading promo/record pool company, Promo Only.
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Promo Only