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As I wade deeper into the world of social media, I've discovered quite a few sites that are sure to kill hours of your precious time. I've already touched one- the world's new addiction, Tumblr. This is essentially a blogging site for pretty pictures. (It's actually really cool. Look it up).

I learned about a new site recently called Pinterest. It's a site where you create different billboards on your profile and "pin" pictures to each of your boards. For example, I have one for recipes, one for inspiring design ideas, fashion, etc. Then you surf the site and find pictures, quotes, recipes, and just get lost in it. You can follow your friends, professionals, or random strangers you'll never meet. It's awesome. In order to sign up, I'm pretty sure you need to be invited. If you'd like an invite, just send me your email and I'll hook you up.

Another great one is StumbleUpon. On this site, you first check off all the subjects you're interested in (i.e. Art, Cooking, Sports, whatever) then you click "Stumble." It takes all your interests and displays websites that meets your desires. For example, a recipe for a cream-filled red velvet cake might show up. (Doesn't that sound delicious?) Or a youtube video of an artist spritzing paint onto a puddle of water to create a portrait. Honestly, you can learn SO MUCH through this site. You'll find websites you wouldn't have otherwise heard of. It opens your mind to new things. Definitely check this one out.

If you're into blogging, WordPress is one of the better sites out there. I just started a blog on there and it's a great program. The site is easy to navigate and there's hundreds of thousands of blogs you can follow. The opportunities are endless! You can also post pics right in the text area and show your followers what's going on in your world.

So get out there and discover there's more to life than just Facebook and Twitter. There's a whole world right behind your computer screen. You just gotta go out and find it. I've given you a few suggestions, follow them!

More to come.


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