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When we using the printer that we will meet so many problems, such as the paper jam, paper no clearly, change the cartridge etc.
How should we can avoid all problems? Today let our talk about how to clear the printer jam.
When we using the printer, the result of paper jam is inevitable due to the environment, paper, misuse and other reasons. How to removal of paper jam correct without damager the printer? Let us follow us below steps:
Such as we use the HP printer with cartridge hp 201x.Most HP inkjet printers use paper-fed U-paper printing, which prints plain paper and coated inkjet paper very smoothly and does not have any problems. But when the print photo paper is very uncomfortable, almost printer will often appear paper misfeed or paper jam.
First step: Turn off the printer power;
Second step: Remove the cartridge hp 201x; The cartridge is so import when we printing the paper. Most of printer supplies asked us to use the original cartridge and do not buy the cartridge instead of the original from other supplier to avoid problems. However, cartridge alternatives consumable has so many supplier in the world. The alternative cartridge such as hp 201x that we usually purchase from V4ink website. This company offer cartridge so many years with nice price and good quality.
Third step: check the printer jam location and open the fuser assembly cover; How to check the location of the paper as follow:
Check the location of the paper operation:
a. In accordance with the direction of the paper exit and put the paper out.
b. if the paper can not operate in the direction of the paper exit and then put the paper out in the opposite direction.
Fourth step: if the use of the HP printer with more dust inside, please use a dry cloth to clean to avoid jam again.

Special reminder: Do not use put out the paper by force when drawing the paper, If the damage paper remind in the HP printer inside or damage the printer internal components.

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