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Users who use laser printers know that when using the toner cartridge will always meet the toner powder leakage thing. So what is the cause of toner leakage?

Toner powder leakage, in addition to shell damage, usually during transport or because some customers in the course of the use of the cartridge within the powder powder powder reasons. The solution is very simple, as long as the brother toner along the direction of a few laps on it.

How does the laser printer leak? Toner powder leakage how to do?

Print documents and toners at the same time appear 1 cm above the same wide vertical underworld, the general customer also think that is leaking powder: This is a scraper out of the problem, resulting in stick powder on the powder is not clean.

Printed on the file appears in the vertical thin black Road: usually scraper and scraper on the edge of the small blade stick to dirty things or shredded paper.

Print the file appears in the horizontal underworld: usually the cartridge inside the magnetic stick powder, along the turn a few laps on it.

If the printed documents appear obvious bottom ash: usually toner core or brother toner is a problem.

Print the file color uneven, well-known white Road: from the outside to see the magnetic stick can not see the brother tn 660, if you see some places on the magnetic stick powder, some places no powder, indicating that the toner cartridge to run out.

If the printer to play a white one: first check the printer has no problem, if there is no problem, it shows the cartridge in the assembly of a problem.

Meet the problem in a timely manner to solve the US state lease for the purpose of customer service. If you have any other technical questions please contact us promptly.

The laser printer receives the data sent by the computer over the cable, and the processor processes the data into a signal group of similar data tables that can drive the print engine action. Next, the laser printer starts working. The outer surface of the toner is uniformly charged with a negative charge, whenever the printer to play a black spot, it will be a small laser diode light, laser diode laser through a series of mirrors to reach the toner on the organic photosensitive material, make the point into a conductor.
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