Viral Marketing – What’s Really “Real” About It?


Viral Marketing – What’s Really “Real” About It?
In my 15 years of making a full-time living in the music world, one thing has become increasingly clear to me: It’s work. The romantic image of the starving artist being so incredibly talented that one day he or she gets “discovered” and becomes rich and famous is a dangerous myth. I say “dangerous” because the more you as an artist believe it, the less inclined you’ll be to do any work on your own behalf. The gritty reality is that if you don’t do the necessary (and daily) work promoting yourself and your music, it’s highly unlikely anything will ever happen. There has never been a better time to spread the word about yourself and music. The Internet, with its downloadable digital music files, social networking sites and countless other advances that we can’t even begin to imagine yet, has leveled the playing field in a way that will make the “work” you have to do infinitely more effective. Gather Your Fans The more you can identify and reach…  To Read more about this topic, visit

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