LSR Wins Big at the FL Grammy Showcase

April 7, 2011 (Florida Grammy Showcase) 

Last night, The Florida Grammy Showcase took place at the The Social, an infamous live venue located in downtown Orlando, Florida.  Bands like Creed, and many others, were discovered at this special venue.  This event represented the official kick-off to the 10th Annual Florida Music Festival.  Five bands performed, but only one band was chosen to take home the BIG prize, $25K worth of studio time, consultation, A&R reviews, legal advice, etc. 

Congratulations to Lovestruck Robot & D. Bailey Management for doing an outstanding job, and taking home the prize. Though all of the bands that performed showed unique style and potential, Lovestruck Robot stood out, and mesmerized the crowd with a dynamic and entertaining performance.  As a voting Grammy Member, it felt as if I was standing there listening to a band that has already made it big; a band that already has multiple Grammys.  This is how seasoned and poised Lovestruck Robot came across, and the audience loved them.

iShowcase is proud to do their part to help promote such talent.  With the music industry being as difficult and "dream killing" as it is these days, it was certainly refreshing to hear true talent and a passionately funky sound return to the stage.  Check out Lovestruck Robot's new Album, I Wanna Be In A Band, which is to be released on iTunes in the very near future.


Scott Messina, Founder/CEO / iShowcase.TV /

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