Clash of the Comics (The Finals)

A four week, "Clash of the Comics," battle with some of Florida's funniest comics came down to the final event on August 31st. The list of finalists included: Ken Miller, Chris Sims, Darren Moore, James Yon, Ali Flores, Kendra Corrie, Preacher, Pedro Lima, Jiggy, Matt Hodge, Vince Taylor, John McCann, Jersey, Alex U, Shannon Hall

Hosted at the Orlando Improv by comedian and comic entreprenuer, Myke Herlihy, this event was sold out (on a Wednesday Night) with a room full of enthusiastic fans cheering for their favortie comic.  The most interesting part of this event, besides laughing until my cheeks hurt, was noticing the different levels of comedians, and where they were in their career.  

To better explain: When you go to an event like that to see 12 or so comics, and each comic has 5 minutes to share with the audience and judges their best material, you quicly discover that most of them are well prepared, waiting for this moment, while some should not have even taken the stage.. ~ but that's ok, at least they gave it a valiant effort.

All subject matters were covered from Facebook, to sex, to some of the funniest ethnic jokes I haven't heard since the old days of Richard Pryor. A few of the comics really stood out, in my opinion.

One of the comedians to whom I thought had a great chance of taking home a prize was Alex U, but he was disqualified due to his set being too long. Third Place went to Jersey, a Hatian Born comedian well known throughout the state of Florida.   Second Place went to Pedro Lima, who was poised, professional and you could really appreciate his level of expereince.  

**We are proud to announce that First Place went to iShowcase's very own James Yon  This Florida native is one of America's hottest up and coming comedians. Born half black, half Asian growing up in the south, his comedy style has evolved into a mixture of hilarious stand-up, musical impressions and some of the most outrageous dance moves you've ever seen.  

During the competition, Yon had a strong and steady routine, but it wasnt' until the last 90 seconds of his set when he brought the house down with his impression of a 300+ pound black woman stripping. With a neon pink sports bra on, Yon removed his shirt (facing his back to the audience) and started posing.  The next thing you know, his pants drop off and the audience was subject to the visual of seeing this "very confident" heavy weight wearing a matching pink THONG.  The room exploded with laughter, to the point where some couldn't even catch their breath. 

Yon was the first act to perform that night, and ended up being the FIRST Place Winner of the night. I almost felt bad for those who who were chosen to immediately follow his act...  I mean how do you follow comedy at that level....  

All in all, it was a wonderful event, Myke Herlihy and the Improv did an amazing job, and all of the comedians brought their A Game for sure!  

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