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NBC: The Voice (Orlando Auditions)
iShowcase is proud to report that (5) iShowcasePRO members received "Industry Preferred" auditions for NBC and Mark Burnett's Hit show, "The Voice."  The producers from the show personally called iShowcase and asked if we could submit some of our featured talents for a private audition....
Comedian John Henton (A True Pro)
My wife and I recently had the opportunity to enjoy one of our favorite hot spots, the Orlando Florida Improv  Our regular routine includes eating at the wonderful Fat Fish Blue (next door) about 2 hours before the show.  The headliner was John Henton,...
Vocal Infatuation, WHY?
For decades, dating back to before the Ed Sullivan Show, television and radio have searched, introduced and exploited vocalist by popular demand.  Elvis, The Beatles, and thousands of others were invited into every living room, and as the popularity of these legendary performers grew, so...
LSR Wins Big at the FL Grammy Showcase
April 7, 2011 (Florida Grammy Showcase) Last night, The Florida Grammy Showcase took place at the The Social, an infamous live venue located in downtown Orlando, Florida.  Bands like Creed, and many others, were discovered at this special venue.  This event represented the official...
Why, Christina Aguilera, WHY?
 I am sitting here at my computer STILL in negative wonder, venting over the fact that Christina Aguilera (as talented as she may be) took the one song that all true Americans consider the fiber of our great country's existence, and completely sabotaged it in front of the WORLD....
Viral Marketing – What’s Really “Real” About It?
      Viral Marketing – What’s Really “Real” About It?...
iShowcase Strikes Deal with Marketing Expert
iShowcase is proud to announce that a deal has been solidified with SEO Expert / Social Network Marketing Guru, Franklyn Galusha.  Franklyn's training model has become a reading standard for tech companies in India.  He has written periodicals for many of todays TOP technical based...

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