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The second Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference NBA 2K18 MT  Finals defeated the Houston Rockets with a 22-point defeat. The Warriors fell into a singles match. The past smooth passes and offenses disappeared. The Warriors' generals said today that it is important to get back a beautiful passing.
Head coach Cole attaches great importance to the number of passes, which is also the embodiment of the team's offensive fluency. The pass of 300 passes per game is very stable. The second pass of the Western Conference finals passes only 272 times. The team only has 21 players. Assists, and more often Durant and other players into the singles.
Returning to Oracle Arena in the third game, Cole hopes to get back the pass. "For the whole game, we want the ball to be more aggressive and more confident on the offensive end." Curry was in the After the second game, he said, "When the ball is in your hands, you have to think of creating opportunities for teammates, which will make the offense softer."
Before the Western Conference finals, the Warriors lost only two games, and this is their only two passes less than 300. The first round of the fourth game against the Spurs, the Warriors pass a total of 256 times; the second round In the third game, the number of passes was 295. Prior to this round of the series, the Warriors averaged the number of passes per game in the 16 teams participating in the playoffs, and the Rockets ranked second in the bottom. Kohl demanded that they even improve to 320 passes per pass, that is, at least 3 passes per offense pass. Green said, "Most of the time, when the team did not pass the goal of 300 goals, you can feel it. When watching the game video after the game, there is a 'no wonder so bad' sigh."
The Rockets lost too much on Harden in the first game and scored after the game. The second game changed. Adu, who led the Warriors by relying on his individual ability in the regular season, made him rely on his one-on-one score. As a team that likes to pass the ball, the Warriors lost their ability to watch the game and the second loss was not surprising.