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The first game of the Cavaliers and Warriors' finals will be NBA Live Mobile Coins held at the Warriors on the 1st of June.
Speaking of the immediate finals,in the face of the old rival Warriors,Tyron Lue expressed regret over this year's team without Irving: "The Warriors is an infinitely defending team,so you must have a strong single player.You need to transfer the ball and make a sharp cut.Irving can allow us to play 1v1 in the match,no one can prevent him from 1 to 1.We will miss this,but without Owen,we must To play different styles."
Speaking about Curry's multi-player defense in the Finals,Tyron-Lo said: "I think we used to do that too.Irving did a good job defensively against Curry,and Shumpert was also very good.We will use several people to defend the library.He is a strong opponent,he will shoot a lot of shots,and will shoot a lot of shots.We all understand."
"So we want to add some intense physical confrontation,with the body close to him defense.Make him less easy shots - such as losing him in the conversion attack,let him get an open three-pointer opportunity or grab offensive rebounds.We know he will score,he will have a lot of shots,he will hit a lot of difficult shots,so we can only guarantee that he will lose the opportunity to easily release."