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After experiencing the nightmare of the Montella era, AC Milan led by Gattuso finally on the right foot in the European Cup 1/16 final second leg home 1-0 defeat Ludogoretz this morning, the red Regiment wins four straight, all 11 unbeaten FIFA Coins consecutive events. This wave of outstanding results, AC Milan in Serie A standings rose to seventh place, Italy Cup reached the semifinals, the European Cup reached the 16 strong. Although AC Milan's performance improved significantly, but the club had to face a problem, that is the financial position, due to last summer in the transfer market spending 250 million euros to buy 11 players crazy, resulting in a serious financial deficit club, UEFA Punishment is a foregone conclusion.
In order to avoid greater deficit club finance, the Italian media "football market" news that the transfer of AC Milan this summer the main theme of the market is to sell players, especially those who clean the team to help less players, including Cali Nikki. Last summer, AC Milan signed a loan of € 25 million from Fiorentina after rent-first and buy, and now the buyout clause in the loan contract has been activated. The Croatian striker has officially become a member of the Rossoneri . Today's Kalinic, as hot potato, the performance of this season is very general, 25 appearances, scoring 4 assists 5 times, scoring as AC Milan youth league newcourt Cutrone, this 20-year-old young player, played 31 times this season, bang into 13 assists 4 times.
It is reported that the Bundesliga Frankfurters and Schalke 04 interested in Kalinic, especially the former, is expected to qualify for the Champions League next season, currently ranked third in the Bundesliga. Italian media "football market" disclosure, Kalinic although this season's poor performance, but AC Milan will not sell cheap, or even price 35 million euros, want to make a fortune, the Bundesliga can accept the current unknown.
AC Milan is anxious to sell Kalinic, but also in an hurry to flee the Rossoneri, such as genius Menorah Donaruma. Last summer, Donaruma and AC Milan appear contradictory, the former want to leave the team, the latter stay, after repeated bargaining, eventually reached an agreement on renewal, Donnaluma stay in the Rossoneri. Today, Donnaluma once again attempt to leave the team, mainly due to his economic man Raiola incite, the current relationship between Laie Ola and AC Milan is very poor, the former has been in contact with the Paris Saint-Germain, the Italian genius operation To the French courts, but Donaruma want to get No. 1 position, but also need to face Arera and Trappist competition.
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