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Kyrie Irving's contract expires in the summer of 2020,but he has player options in the summer of 2019.Of course,with the strength of Irving,he is absolutely qualified to get the maximum salary,but his knee injury will also be NBA Live Mobile Coins an obstacle to his impact on fat.Last summer,the Celtics traded Owen from the Cavaliers Division.Although he did not play in the playoffs this season because of injuries,many people are optimistic about the future of the Green Army.The recent famous reporter Chris - Mannikis said that Irving may leave the army.
In an interview with The New York Times,Owen did not give a definitive answer when asked whether he would serve the Celts for a long time: "I know that this issue will be asked more next year...This time,I just want to give people who care about this issue a better,clearer,and simpler answer....Just want to be a member of the Boston Celtics." Owen also talked about some of the details of his departure from the Cavaliers."(Leaving the Cavaliers) is inevitable," Irving said."I can feel it."
Owen said some of the details of his request to leave the Cavaliers were distorted,but he remained silent."I don't think I need to say anything more,because I know the truth.They (the Cavaliers) also know that," continued Irving."So it doesn't matter what other people say.They don't want me to be there."
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