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With a jump rope not only the thighs and calves are slim, but the body becomes more ideal, the body becomes slim so it will make it look taller.

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12. Bones become more dense

This exercise is able to provide bone density, where bone density is needed so that bones are not susceptible to osteoporosis or bone loss, especially the bones in the legs. So it takes a regular exercise where the exercise is a jump rope

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13. Prevent bone loss legs

Bone removal can be prevented by routinely skipping the rope for at least 10-15 minutes per day or 100-200 jumps daily. This can be done with a break, so not in a single jump. Depending on each strength

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14. Streamlining blood circulation in the legs

With the smoothness of the blood circulation will certainly make growth in the legs become easier so that the nutrients are eaten can stimulate the legs, so the feet easily accept the existing nutrients, especially good nutrition to increase height.

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In addition to the benefits of jump rope to elevate the body, it turns out there are many benefits jumping rope that is also good for health