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Well the more you strain your muscles, and cardiovascular system, calories you burn. Especially if your body uses all the variables to guess and keep changing. He put his money in the mouth by publishing scientific studies supporting the health of this type of exercise, both short-term high-intensity exercise and conventional slow aerobic exercise.

Unlike traditional aerobic exercise, training also strengthens your muscles with exercises such as chest, push-ups, and squats. Another benefit of this Workout Finishers program to improve with a less resistant diet and more repetitions than with more resistant supplements.

The current exercise plan is very effective by being light, doing lots of reps, participating in a non-linear weightlifting program, reducing the number of reps and gaining weight. Relax, build muscles, build strength, but don't injure your joints.

Also, to make increasing the number of repetitions allows you to train more in a shorter amount of time, which will save you more time, especially during short breaks. Mike Whitfield's Journal of Applied Physiology describes the advantages of high reps over low reps, especially when running continuously without interruption, such as a training finisher.

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