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Food is a source of our energy to perform physical activities such as sports. For this reason, some people think we shouldn't exercise on an empty stomach.

On the other hand, there are also those who argue that exercise before eating can actually get maximum results, especially to burn more calories.

Meliza said that there are actually no fixed rules about eating before or after exercise.

"Depends on a person's metabolism. There is something to fill the stomach first. But if I don't usually exercise after eating."

That's what Melgib said in the program "Maintaining Sports Habits during a Pandemic"

However, you should avoid heavy meals or meals with large portions before exercising.

Look for small snacks like bread, protein bars, or drinking protein milk. Try not to eat too large portions. At least we have the energy to exercise," he said.

Meanwhile, Melgib admitted to consuming milk when he was going to exercise in the morning.

"I use protein milk for milk, blended with fruits such as bananas or dragon fruit, depending on what season the fruit is."

 One of the questions that often arises is the impact of drinking coffee before exercise.

Indeed, coffee has been identified with a "spirit-boosting" drink in the morning.

For those of you who are coffee lovers and like to exercise, Melgib said there is nothing wrong with "coffee" before starting your workout.

"For some people, this coffee becomes a booster before exercising. If that person is suitable for drinking coffee when they want to exercise, it's not a problem at all. It's really okay," said Melgib.

Regular exercise and maintaining a diet are equally important to provide maximum results for the body.

"Both exercise and maintaining a healthy diet can't be separated. We want to train our stomach but we still eat fried food, we can't."

"In addition to exercise, set a diet with a calorie deficit," he said.

Instead of consuming carbohydrates and fats, he suggested replacing protein intake from chicken and eggs.

Maintaining a diet does not mean limiting carbohydrates or fats. It's just that the amount of intake needs to be reduced.

"We can eat fried food one day, but we have to remember after that stop eating fried foods or other fatty foods."

"Carbohydrates from white rice tend to make us hungry quickly. We can replace it with brown rice, because brown rice is fibrous, so we are full longer."

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