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If you are on a diet program to lose weight with exercise, make sure the measure of success is not sweating, but heart rate calculation.

Maybe you've heard the statement that if you don't sweat, it means you're not exercising properly or you haven't really exercised.

According to Michael, the statement that a person's exercise signs are successful if they are sweating is wrong.

"This (understanding) which as long as it's wrong, says that if you don't sweat it means you haven't exercised, that's not necessarily," said Michael

Michael gives an analogy that many other daily activities can also produce sweat, but do not include sports, such as sweeping, mopping, cooking, gardening and so on.

So, if activities that produce sweat are considered a good and successful form of exercise, then by doing these activities a person no longer needs exercise, but the mechanism is not so.

"Sweat is not a benchmark (exercise is successful)," he said.

Because, in people who are dehydrated or the condition of a disease that causes dehydration, sweat will be difficult to come out even though it's no matter how hard the exercise is done.

In fact, if targeted exercise produces the sweat that is expected in a dehydrated person, then it is very likely that the person may fall unconscious or become unconscious due to exhaustion.

So, what are the limits or benchmarks for the success of the sport?

Michael said, if you exercise, your mindset about the success or failure of your exercise should never be based on sweat, but heart rate.

"It's better if we use heart rate (as a benchmark for successful exercise)," he said.

Wear or use a tool to calculate your heart rate when exercising, whether with light, moderate or heavy intensity.

During exercise, you can ensure that the exercise you are doing is successful by calculating your capacity and needs, with heart rate data recorded on the device.

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