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The LED Panel Light is a complete unit, instead of having separate pieces like a florescent light. LED lights are also dimmable without losing the quality of the light or experiencing flickering.

LED lights can also be manufactured to a high level of color consistency, which further reduced problems with the quality of light.

The light will also remain the same throughout the lifespan of the light source, rather than degrading as it ages.

As LEDs are produced, they are evaluated for lumens, or the color of their light.

They are then matched with other LEDs to create an uniform light source.

The color mixing of LEDs allows for the light source to obtain a higher color rendering index (CRI) rating.

This uniform coloring and the ability of the light source to have an even light spread means that the LED light panel offers a better lighting experience than most other lights.

Uniform lighting helps to provide a higher degree of comfort for commercial building occupants while also helping to keep energy costs low.

Understanding how the technology works and how it provides a consistent light experience can help people appreciate the 36w Led Panel advancements of LED panel lights.